Christian-Jewish Dialogue - Why? What For?

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Creativity Contest

Eva Schulz-Jander; President of the "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin-Buber-House"

The association "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin-Buber-House" announces a creativity contest on the topic "Christian-Jewish Dialogue - Why? What For?" open to young people from all over the world.

The association "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House" is an association closely connected with the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) which supports the work of the ICCJ on an international and regional level. One focus of our work is the support and advancement of young people engaged in the Christian-Jewish dialogue. In the past years we offered scholarships to young people thus giving them the opportunity to participate in the ICCJ Annual Conferences. But this year everything is different: Worldwide COVID-19 has severely restricted our working opportunities, our social contacts, our cultural hunger, our ability to travel and much more. Major events have been cancelled, and thus, there will be no ICCJ Annual Conference in 2020.

However, thoughts cannot be restricted, and ideas should be heard and shared by many.

Therefore, this year the Board of the "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House" has decided to launch a creativity contest on the topic:

Christian-Jewish Dialogue - Why? What For?

The theme is deliberately broad and open, so it can be creatively developed, shaped and represented. Your experiences and encounters, ideas and visions, hopes and challenges interest us.

Who is eligible? All those interested and committed to Christian-Jewish dialogue, the enthusiastic and the skeptical between 20 - 30 years of age. Individual and group contributions are welcome.

What we expect: Content, inventiveness and creativity count equally, and the medium through which the topic is developed can be chosen freely - for example:

  • Essay, short story, sketch, poem (should not exceed 10 pages)
  • Poster presentation, graphic
  • Video, short film, digital animation (should not exceed 10 minutes)
  • Podcast (should not exceed 20 minutes)
  • Photo essay, collage, comic, cartoon
  • Music
  • Or anything else

Please note:

  • Non-verbal contributions should be submitted with a short explanation in English (1000 - 1500 characters).
  • Text and verbal contributions must be submitted in English only.

We are convinced that inter-religious dialogue happens on many levels and not only through spoken and written language. Furthermore, with this competition we would like to break through the language barrier and embrace diversity. Moreover, we seek to bring Christian-Jewish dialogue to life more prominently in the media, in contrast to the many hate messages circulating circulating in the scene.

What we offer:

  • First Prize for the winning entry: €1.500,00
  • Second Prize: €800,00
  • Third prize: €400,00
  • An independent jury of seven men and women, long-time activists and scholars in Christian-Jewish Dialogue
  • A suitable platform to present the award-winning work to the public

Time schedule:

  • Submission deadline: 15. September
  • To the association’s office either by e-mail: friendsandsponsors[at] or by post: Martin Buber House, P.O. Box 1120, 64629 Heppenheim, Germany
  • Announcement of the winning entries: Mid November 2020

Let your creativity run wild!

Visit also the website of the "Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House"!