Practicing Religion at Home

The Elijah Interfaith Institute

From: Elijah Interfaith Institute

As our Jewish readers celebrate the festival of Pesach (Passover), our Christian readers are in the Lent period and Muslims are preparing for the arrival of Ramadan, for the second year under the shadow of Coronavirus, we our delighted to be able to release some wisdom from religious leaders on practicing religion at home.

Although there is value in communities gathering together for prayers in our sacred space dedicated to worship, Covid 19 has provided an opportunity to re-evaluate the place of the home in religious life. The principal ritual of Pesach takes place in the home and the Iftar meals at the end of the fast days of Ramadan are opportunities for families to eat together. However, in usual circumstances we would welcome many guests into our homes as well.

What can we learn from Covid 19 about religion outside our large institutions and the place of the home, for just the nuclear family, in religious life?

View this wisdom for our religious leaders in the Coronaspection series.

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