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Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (NCPD) is a knowledge center and meeting point for dialogue and conflict transformation. The center provides training courses and facilitates dialogue.

NCPD promotes peace, human rights, dialogue and reconciliation through training courses, documentation and sharing knowledge based on field experiences. The center conducts peace and dialogue work both in Norway and internationally, and has been active in Western Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Poland, and more. In Norway, the center cooperates with schools, municipalities, cultural and religious organizations, museums, colleges and universities.

By facilitating dialogue in divided communities, NCPD helps build bridges across ethnic, cultural, political and social divides. Experience proves that targeted efforts are required over time to develop strategies and tools for preventing, managing and transforming conflicts. The center is located at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, Norway.

The Team

The Nansen Center merged in 2010, when the Nansen Dialogue and the Norwegian Peace Center became one unit. Read about the team here.


The center is implementing a variety of projects focused on dialogue, reconciliation in divided communities, transforming conflicts and peace building around the world. More information here.

Trainings and Workshops

The Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue provides trainings, seminars and workshop on dialogue facilitation. Read about dialogue trainings here.


The Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue is funded through the national state budget, project fundings, private donations and sponsors. We are more than happy to accept donations to support our work in Norway and in different regions abroad. There are several options available to sponsor; it is possible to offer donations to both separate projects and a more general contribution which will be applied according to need. Donors will be informed of how their gifts have been applied.

Please call +47 612 55 500 or send an email to to discuss further options.


What is dialogue?

Dialogue is a conversation based on humility, respect and openness which allows us to learn about each other. By learning about each other, unmanageable situations can become manageable. Dialogue enhances relationships in a community and strengthen the social fabric. Dialogue opens the door to peaceful co-existence.

How do we work and what are we trying to achieve?

The NCPD invites people from divided communities or communities experiencing stress to its social cohesion to a structured dialogue on issues of individual and community concern. A structured dialogue can be conducted through a workshop, training sessions or public meetings, where people can raise issues such as discrimination, lack of empowerment, poor governance, human rights abuses and livelihood opportunities.

Our aim is to strengthen relationships and build trust within communities, across ethnic, cultural, gender or political differences, renewing cooperation and prepare a strategy to live peacefully in mutual respect.

What are the advantages and results of dialogue?

The long-term benefits of dialogue are improved relations and cooperation in the community, often enabling further development through social and political action. Dialogue brings slow and lasting results, change from within the community itself and brings on constructive solutions.

How do I sign up for a training?

You can contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page, call on +47 61265419 or send an email to