Prof. Barbara Engelking has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University

Honorary doctorate, prof. Barbara Engelking

2023 Honorary Degrees Conferment Ceremony

Prepare to be amazed, as nine distinguished individuals are honored in an extraordinary ceremony at Tel Aviv University's 2023 Board of Governors Meeting! Join us in celebrating these exceptional honorees and acknowledging their profound impact on the world. Tune in and be inspired! 🌍✨

Time for broadcast: Today (Thursday, May 18) | 8:30pm (Israel time)

Meet the Honorees:

🌟 Morris Kahn – entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of #SpaceIL, will receive an honorary degree for his expansive philanthropic giving to education, biomedical research, youth leadership, space exploration, and the marine environment.

🌟 Olga Tokarczuk - Nobel Prize laureate, renowned writer and social activist, will be honored for her courageous efforts to secure recognition of crimes committed against Jews during WWII and refugees today.

🌟 Prof. Barbara Engelking - historian of Polish Jewry during the Holocaust, will receive recognition for her pioneering contribution to Holocaust scholarship and her determination to expose the complexities of Polish-Jewish relations during WWII.

🌟 Tamir Gilat - Chairman of the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), will be honored for his heartfelt dedication to providing compassionate support to thousands of cancer sufferers and their families.

🌟 Sandra & Vlad Shmunis - entrepreneurs and philanthropists, will receive an honorary degree for their exceptional philanthropic spirit, supporting crucial causes in Israel and the US through their family foundation.

🌟 Atallah Mansour - highly respected author and journalist, will be acknowledged for his immense contribution to civil, cultural, and democratic discourse in Israel over almost seven decades.

🌟 Prof. Antoine Compagnon - professor of French and comparative literature, College de France, and Columbia University, will be honored for his solidarity with the State of Israel during trying times.

🌟 Prof. Nicholas Peppas - chemical and biomedical engineer at the The University of Texas at Austin, will receive an honorary doctorate for his immeasurable influence in drug delivery, biomaterials, and bio-nanotechnology over 50 years. 👨‍🔬

🌟 Prof. Pavel A. Pevzner - computational biologist at the University of California, San Diego - Rady School of Management, will be recognized for his expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics, tackling real-world biological questions. 💻

🌟 Lastly, the prestigious George S. Wise Medal, Tel Aviv University's highest honor, will be awarded to Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies of Singapore, in recognition of his extraordinary public service record as an esteemed statesman and international economic leader. 🏆🌍

Congratulations to all the recipients! Your accomplishments inspire us and make the world a better place. 👏🎓