ICCJ Conference News: 20 Workshops in 4 Sessions

20 Workshops in 4 Sessions

Source: ICCJ

The countdown for ICCJ's 2023 conference in Boston is running and the registration is still open for those who do not want to miss an exciting conference program.

Together with four plenary sessions

Together with four plenary sessions, a gathering at the Howard Thurman Center, field trips to local sites in Boston, there will be a total of 20 workshops in four workshop sessions, which will address a wide range of themes related to the conference theme, Jewish-Christian relations, and interreligious dialogue in general.

Workshop Session A (Monday afternoon):

  • Transformation Through Intersecting Identities: Australian Experiences
  • Students Navigating Intersectionality in Difficult Conversations: Insights from the Building Interfaith Leadership Initiative (BILI) with Undergraduate Leaders
  • The Interaction of Different Identities in the Mirror of Biblical Texts
  • Dynamic Parallels: Resisting Anti-Judaism and Resisting Oppression
  • Orthodox Christian-Jewish Relations: A Different Dialogue

Workshop Session B (Tuesday morning):

  • When the Outside and Inside Tell Different Stories: A Reverend and Rabbi Discuss Religious Identity, Public Perception and Race
  • Solidarity is Not a Zero Sum Game: Racism, Antisemitism, and Cultivating Cultural Literacy
  • The Forgotten Partner - Palestinian Christians in Jewish-Christian Dialogue
  • Jewish Cemetery Restoration in Poland and the Potential of Service Projects for Furthering Jewish-Christian Relations
  • From Generation to Generation - Intergenerational Issues in Interreligious Dialogue

Workshop Session C (Wednesday morning):

  • A Bridge Over Hell Creek: Rough Cut Screening and Discussion
  • A Covenantal Relationship Between Church and Synagogue
  • Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out
  • Leveraging Structured Peer Consultancy to Address Challenges in Initiatives Confronting Antisemitism
  • Intersectionality in Oppression and Opportunity in the Abrahamic Traditions

Workshop Session D (Wednesday afternoon):

  • PsalmSeason: Intersectional Readings of a Beloved Biblical Text
  • Artivism in Action: Three Artists Who are Making Change Through Art
  • Seeking in the Company of Others: The Wisdom of Group Spiritual Direction
  • Decoding and Disrupting Antisemitic and Racist Imagery: Examples from German Religion Textbooks and Children's Bibles
  • The Twelve Points of Berlin: Educational Guide – A Workshop

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