ICCJ's 2024 conference is running


Source: ICCJ, Anette AdelmannICCJ General Secretary

The countdown for ICCJ's 2024 conference in Salzburg is runn_blanking and the registration is still open for those who do not want to miss an exciting conference program.

Together with five plenary sessions,

a trip to Bad Ischl, evening program, music and more there will be a total of 20 workshops in four workshop sessions, which will address a wide range of themes related to the conference theme, Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations, and interreligious dialogue in general.

Workshop Session A (Monday afternoon):

  • Psalms in Dialogue. Encountering the Hebrew Bible Tradition as a Dialogical Space Susanne Lechner-Masser, Susanne Plietzsch
  • Paths to Holiness: Exploring Interreligious Perspectives Elena Dini, Reuven Firestone, Heidi Hadsell, Hannan M. Hassan, Morteza Rezazadeh
  • "Couragiert!" – United Against Antisemitism and Islamophobia Mustafa Cimşit, Andrew Steiman
  • War and Peace / Just War and Just Peace as Topic in Jewish-Christian Dialogue Wolfgang Hüllstrung, Ophir Yarden
  • The Challenge of Authentically Jewish Egalitarian Weddings Josh Weiner

Workshop Session B (Tuesday morning):

  • Receiving Shabbat: Receiving Holiness Michael Shire
  • Orthodox Christian – Jewish Relations: Updates on a Different Dialogue - Panel Presentation and Discussion Michael G. Azar, Shoshana Gelfand, Geoffrey Ready, David Fox Sandmel
  • Holiness in Time: Understanding the Seasons of Jewish and Christian Worship Mary C. Boys, Dalia Marx
  • Storying/ed Dialogue: How can we use Successful Stories of Jewish-Christian Encounters as a Tool to Facilitate Difficult Conversations Across Boundaries of Difference? Héctor Acero Ferrer, Lucy Thorson
  • Exploring Holiness: Scriptural Reasoning Across Abrahamic Traditions Fariza Bisaeva, Bianca Plattner

Workshop Session C (Wednesday morning):

  • Holiness in Dialogue: Exploring (Sacred) Spaces and Interreligious Engagement Julia Feldbauer, Tyson Herberger, Elisabeth Höftberger, Sonia Wiedemann
  • Catholic-Jewish Collaboration in Combatting Antisemitism through Education, Clergy Formation Opportunities, and Young Leadership Development Rebecca Cohen, Noam Marans
  • Jewish-and-Christian: Closer than you Think? Alexander Grodensky, Ursula Rudnick, Katarzyna Kowalska, Evelyne Will-Mueller
  • Holy Friendships in Unholy Days: Interreligious Relationships as Source & Method Heather Miller Rubens, Ellen Procario-Foley
  • Be "Pharisees" as I am a "Pharisee"? Reflections on Leviticus 19:2 Starting from Rabbinic Interpretations David Fox Sandmel, Joseph Sievers

Workshop Session D (Wednesday afternoon):

  • Holiness: Gift and Task for Today’s Troubled World? Pavol Bargár, Celia Deutsch, Patrick Morrow, Michael Trainor
  • Enhancing the Holy Work of Jewish-Christian Relations Amid the Wounds of the Israel-Hamas War Phil Cunningham, Adam Gregerman
  • Kedoshim ti’hiyu—You Shall be Holy (Lev 19:2): The Jewish Search for Holiness Within Marcia Plumb
  • Practical Holiness and the Messianic Possibility Erik Ross, Elisheva Salamo
  • Holy Language and a ‘War of Words’: Can a Listening and Learning Model Bridge Community Divisions over Language? James Roberts, Mirella Yandoli

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