The Dignity of the Human Person: The Concept of "Freedom"

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The Friends Across Faiths Initiative and Praying Together in Jerusalem

PTIJ and FAFI invite you to join us for our weekly gathering of learning and prayers, the next presentation in our mini-series:

The Dignity of the Human Person: The Concept of "Freedom"

Buddhist teaching by Maria Reis Habito.

Maria Reis Habito
Maria Reis Habito is the International Program Director of the Museum of World Religions and the Director of the Elijah Interfaith Institute USA. After teaching at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, she assumed responsibility for the international Interfaith program of the Museum of World Religions in 2002. She joined the Elijah Interfaith Institute in 2003.

Maria Reis Habito will also lead us in a meditation.

Followed by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish prayers, including a Jewish prayer by Hanna Yaffe, a Christian prayer by Heather Smith, and a Muslim prayer by Abed Manasra.

  • Christian prayer offered by Heather Smith
  • Jewish prayer offered by Hanna Yaffe
  • Muslim prayer offered by Abed Manasra

Moderated by
Peta Jones Pellach

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