Small Numbers, Big Presence: Jews in Poland after World War II

(Studies in Jewish History and Memory Book 17) by Stanisław Krajewski

Small Numbers, Big Presence: Jews in Poland after World War II - okładka

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In this path-breaking book, he reflects on the evolution of Polish Jewry in these years against the background of its enormous contribution to Jewish religious traditions and its tragic fate in the Holocaust. A Jewish community, ‘small in numbers’ but with a ‘big presence’, continues to function in Poland. This book is essential reading for all those who wish to understand this remarkable phenomenon.
Antony Polonsky, Emeritus Professor of Holocaust Studies,
Brandeis University

Small Numbers, Big Presence is history rooted in assiduous dispassionate research, but no less, in passionate commitment to Polish Jewry. As much Pole as Jew, Stanislaw Krajewski was a witness to Poland’s postwar Jewish renaissance and the Jews’ de-assimilation. A frontliner in many struggles and triumphs, he tells the story with an insider’s knowledge of the intricacies of events and personalities.
Moshe Rosman, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

The most important is Stanisław Krajewski’s ability to capture complex phenomena with often mutually exclusive interpretations in a surprisingly new and original way.
Stanisław Obirek, Professor at the American Studies Centre,
University of Warsaw

Biographical notes
Stanisław Krajewski (Author)

Stanislaw Krajewski, professor of philosophy at the University of Warsaw, has published on logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of interfaith dialogue, and Jewish experience. Founding co-chairman of Polish Council of Christians and Jews, co-author of the post-war section of the exhibition in POLIN, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

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