Peace-Makers Illuminating Human Dignity

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Source: Elijah Interfaith Institute

The Friends Across Faiths Initiative and Praying Together in Jerusalem

PTIJ and FAFI invite you to join us for our gathering of learning and prayers, continuing our series on:

Peace-Makers Illuminating Human Dignity

Moderated by Hanna Yaffe.

Rabbi Joel Levy
Rabbi Joel Levy is Rosh Yeshiva of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem where he has studied and taught for over twenty five years. He received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi David Hartman in 2000. He has served as the Rabbi of Kol Nefesh Masorti, the UK's first fully egalitarian, traditional synagogue since 2000.
Followed by Christian, Muslim and Jewish prayers and a meditation led by Sr Maureen Goodman.

  • Christian prayer offered by Jane Eesley
  • Muslim prayer offered by Fadwa Kirrish
  • Meditation led by Sr Maureen Goodman
  • Music by Ivor Lunzer
  • Moderated by Hanna Yaffe

The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center Agron Street 8, Jerusalem, 94265

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  • All welcome.
  • Meeting ID: 896 5428 9538
  • Passcode: 039533
  • Pacific time: 8 am
  • ET time: 11 am
  • London time: 4 pm
  • Central European time: 5 pm
  • Jerusalem time: 6 pm
  • India time: 8:30 pm

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