The Elijah Interfaith Institute Online Summer School 2020

Religion in Times of Crisis

The Elijah Interfaith Institute

Online Summer School 2020 (August 2-6; 9-13)

As a consequence of COVID-19, our annual summer school program will be held online. In view of circumstances, we have redefined our topic.

"Religion in Times of Crisis"

  • What are religions supposed to do: on what domains of life do they impact and what do they achieve?
  • What happens in times of crisis? Do crises enhance the functioning of religion, undermine it or both?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to study the function of religion at a moment of global crisis.

We will hear from scholars of religion what they understand about the way that religions operate and we will hear from some of the world's most prominent religious leaders about how they dealt with challenges during COVID-19, through a unique series of interviews carried out by the Elijah Interfaith Institute, titled "Coronaspection". (Wisdom readers will hear about this very shortly).

For more information and to leave a show of interest, so we can stay in touch,please register at: Detailed program will be available very very soon.