Z wypowiedzi Kościołów Reformacji o stosunkach z Żydami i religią żydowską.

  1. Martin Luther and the Jews. A necessary reminder on the occasion of the Reformation anniversary. EVANGELICAL CHURCH IN GERMANY (EKD) | 01.03.2016 Declaration, adopted during the 2nd session of the 12th Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), 8 to 11 November 2015, Bremen.

  2. "...in our time..." 01.12.2015 A statement on relations between the Presbytery of Chicago and the Jewish community in metropolitan Chicago. Proposed to the Presbytery of Chicago November 21, 2015

  3. Jerusalem Declaration PROTESTANT CONSULTATION ON ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST (PCIME) | 01.01.2013 Concluding Statement from the Jerusalem Consultation on the Mainline Protestant Churches and the State of Israel (November 5-8, 2012)

  4. 01 XII 2012 On the relationship of the Protestant churches of Europe to Judaism COMMUNITY OF PROTESTANT CHURCHES IN EUROPE (CEPE) "Here we have brought together the most important sections. This should make the position of our churches clear. Precisely because there are still tendences towards "forgetfulness of Israel“ and anti-Semitism in the Protestant churches too, the documents should be studied and their recommendations for action implemented." "In the struggle against all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism, the Church knows it stands side by side with Israel" (Church and Israel I, 1, 1, 2). Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CEPE) - Leuenberg Church Fellowship A Collection of texts on the relationship of the Protestant churches of Europe to Judaism


  6. Statement on Antisemitism This statement was adopted by the European Lutheran Commission on the Church and the Jewish People (LEKKJ), in which 25 Lutheran church bodies in Europe are represented, at its annual meeting in Cluj-Klausenberg, Romania, on May 9, 2004.

  7. "The Passion of the Christ": Concerns and Recommendations in Anticipation of the Forthcoming Film Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations Department for Ecumenical Affairs Evangelical Lutheran Church in America January 6, 2004

  8. A Response to Dabru Emet European Lutheran Commission on the Church and the Jewish People. Graz, Austria May 12, 2003

  9. Recommendations for the Liturgy European Lutheran Commission on the Church and the Jewish People These recommendations were adopted unanimously by the LEKKJ delegates at their annual meeting for the year 2003.

  10. Life in Diversity - On God's Trail Mission and Ecumenicity, Witness and Dialogue As Central Fields of Work of the Church A statement by the Office for Mission and Ecumenical Affairs of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) Frankfurt on the Main, 4th November 2003

  11. An American Baptist Response to "Dabru Emet [To Speak the Truth]: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity". 2002-07-10

  12. Kościół i Izrael Wkład Europejskich Kościołów Reformacji do stosunku między chrześcijanami a Żydami Wynik obrad Leuenberskiej Naukowej Grupy Dyskusyjnej "Kościół i Izrael" 1996 - 1999

  13. Landessynode lehnt Mission unter Juden ab; "epd-Wochenspiegel" nr 15 z 2000 r. - odrzucenie działalności misyjnej wśród Żydów przez Synod Ewangelickiego Kościoła Krajowego Wirtembergii. W listopadzie 1999 r. odrzucenie działalności misyjnej wśród Żydów zadeklarował Ewangelicki Kościół Krajowy Westfalii, a także biskup Ewangelickiego Kościola Krajowego Bawarii. Por. "epd-Wochenspiegel" nr 45 i 47 z 1999 r.

  14. Chrétiens et Juifs Document de travail de l'E.K.D. (Église évangélique en Allemagne, 24 mai 1975)