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The ICCJ welcomes a new President and a new Executive Board

At their Annual General Meeting the ICCJ member organizations elected the ICCJ Executive Board for a tenure of the next three years.
During the 2021 Annual General Meeting of ICCJ's member organizations, held virtually on June 27, the outgoing ICCJ President Bo Sandahl announced the appointment of Phil Cunningham as ICCJ Honorary President.

ICCJ Virtual Conference 2021


Do not miss "Talmud on Stage"

As part of the ICCJ 2021 virtual conference the Hungarian project "Talmud on Stage" offers an interactive improvisational theater performance on Sunday, June 27, 5 p.m. UTC, ( 19:00 - Warsaw) live streamed on Youtube. Join and enjoy "Pandemics Now and Then" and meet with the organizers and actors afterwards for a discussion.

Elie Wiesel’s Work and Message – New Perspectives, New Projects


Witnesses of the Witness

Elie Wiesel’s Work and Message – New Perspectives, New Projects.
Students of Elie Wiesel and scholars from Europe, Israel and the United States will share their projects, new books and initiatives advancing Elie Wiesel's work and message. Elisha Wiesel will give concluding remarks.



JCR - Book Reviews

Book Reviews devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians and Jews around the world.

ICCJ offices Martin Buber House Heppenheim


New articles are available on JCRelations.net

International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ)
- English: Nancy Fuchs Kreimer: Interreligious Education at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College: A View from the Jewish Edge.
- German: Ilse Müllner: Das Lied der Hanna.
- French: Layal Hazboun: Mgr Pizzaballa à l'occasion de la Pentecôte : "Jérusalem est une maison de prière pour tous les peuples"
- Spanish: John T. Pawlikowski: La Iglesia y más allá: Hans Küng y las relaciones interreligiosas.
- Russian: Виктория Герасимова: «Cвои» и «чужие»: крещеные евреи в России XVIII века.

ICCJ virtual conference 2021


Kiedy to wszystko się skończy, jak chcemy, żeby świat był inny? Konferencja ICCJ 2021

Wirtualna konferencja ICCJ.
- "Jeśli nie teraz, kiedy? Refleksje na temat wspólnego zadania uzdrowienia naszego podzielonego świata"
- "Specyfika i uniwersalność: lekcje z pandemii"
- "Psalmy w czasach COVID: Modlitwa, która czyni nas ludźmi" - wspólna konferencja z myślą o przyszłości pytając: jaki tekst psalmu przychodzi na myśl, gdy myślisz o doświadczeniu minionego roku? Uczestnicy zostaną zaproszeni do współtworzenia nowego psalmu jako Żydzi i chrześcijanie.

ICCJ offices Martin Buber House Heppenheim


JCRelations: May edition online

New articles are available on JCRelations.net: May contributions in English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian are online.
- English: Christian Wiese: Luther's shadow. Jewish and Protestant Interpretations of the Reformer’s Writings on the Jews.
- German: Walter Homolka: Neuanfang und Rückbesinnung: Das liberale Judentum in Deutschland nach der Schoa
- French: John T. Pawlikowski: L’Église et au-delà – Hans Küng et les relations interreligieuses
- Spanish: Louis Marie Coudray O.S.B.: Una lucha común para que aumente la fraternidad en toda la sociedad
- Russian: Ави Вульф: Происхождение кровавого навета



Join us for the First Ever Virtual Open House of the ICCJ

Have you been wondering what the world will look like after we have emerged from this valley of darkness? We assume you have, and that is why you should join the ICCJ-family for the world-wide virtual conference to be held from Sunday, June 20, until Wednesday, June 23, on precisely this question "When All This Is Over, How Do We Want The World To Be Different?"