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Praying Together in Jerusalem - Festival of Lights

Na stronie od 2021-11-24

2 grudnia 2021 r.

Praying Together in Jerusalem - Festival of Lights

Join us for a special gathering of Praying Together in Jerusalem: Christians, Muslims and Jews will gather at the Fuchsberg Center, Rechov Agron 8, Jerusalem for shared learning, prayers, candle-lighting and celebrations.
Teachers will include Rabbi Joel Levy, Reverend Richard Sewell, and Mohammed Said Abraham As'ad, with music by Hanna Yaffe.

Elijah Interfaith Institute - interreligious heroes

Na stronie od 2021-11-05

4 listopada 2021 r.

Interreligious Heroes

The next edition of Praying Together in Jerusalem will be devoted to the theme of Interreligious Heroes, honoring the new publication Interreligious Heroes: Role Models and Spiritual Exemplars for Interfaith Practice. /Elijah Interfaith Institute/

Elijah Interfaith Institute

Na stronie od 2021-06-30

1 lipca 2021 r.

The Religious Mandate to do Good

Elijah Interfaith Institute, Jerusalem - Monthly Learning and Prayer session:
What is the religious mandate to do good? How do different religions provide a rationale and inspiration for doing good for the other, and consequently – how wide is the concept of “the other” conceived.

The Future of Religious Leadership

Na stronie od 2021-06-25

1 lipca 2021 r.

Voices of Religious Leadership

Elijah Interfaith Institute, Jerusalm
- The Future of Religious Leadership
- Solidarity and Interconnectivity – Messages of Elijah Leaders
- The Religious Mandate to do Good - Monthly Learning and Prayer session (Join us on Thursday July 1 at 11 am EDT time, for a study session (about one hour), followed by our monthly Praying Together in Jerusalem Program)
- Interreligious Perspectives on Global Solidarity and Caring for the (August 1-5, 2021 on Zoom; (optional) August 9th-12th, live touring in Jerusalem.)

This month's theme will be Ramadan witn following leaders

Na stronie od 2021-03-24

8 kwietnia 2021 r.

International interfaith learning and prayer gathering

Join our monthly gathering with friends from all over the world to hear inspiring teachings from religious leaders, concluding with beautiful interfaith prayers.
This month's theme will be Ramadan - Elijah Interfaith, Jerusalem.

Elijah Interfaith Institute - interfaith online prayer and learning gathering

Na stronie od 2021-01-29

4 lutego 2021 r.

Monthly interfaith online prayer and learning gathering

Our monthly prayer and learning gathering will take place on Feb 4, Thursday at 6 pm Israel time, 11 am EST. We will hear inspiring teachings from Jan Chozen Bays, Rev. June Osborne, and Rabbi Yuval Cherlow.

Na stronie od 2021-01-07

7 stycznia 2021 r.

Praying Together in Jerusalem

This is another wonderful opportunity to learn with seekers of wisdom around the world and to pray side-by-side with people of diverse faiths. Our topic will be “Friendship Across Religions” and we will be listening to inspirational words and teachings from teachers from four different traditions before engaging in interfaith prayers.